When the returned item is successfully returned to the warehouse, we will begin to arrange a refund for you.

1.When can I receive the refund?

Refund process:

[Customer returns the returned goods]->[Products successfully enter the warehouse]->[We verify whether the goods meets the return policy]->[We arrange a refund]->[Refund returns to your original payment account] From the time we arrange a refund, the average processing time for refunds is 3-10 business days.

2.How do I apply for reimbursement for return shipping?

If the return is made for non-commodity quality reasons, the return shipping cost will be borne by you personally.
If the goods are returned due to the quality of the goods, we will refund your return shipping fee after receiving the goods and confirming that it meets the return terms.

3.In [My Order], select the Amazon overseas purchase order that needs to be returned and click the [return required] button.

4.Select the quantity of returned goods and the reason for the return.

5.Confirm the return method and pick-up address: The system will prompt you the return shipping cost according to the reason for the return you choose, and calculate the estimated refund total. Please check the pick-up address. After you complete the confirmation , click the submit button to enter the application return process.

6. Prepare the return package: Wait for the courier to pick up the item or send it by yourself.

7.Waiting for a refund: It takes about 15 working days for the goods to be returned to the warehouse. We will arrange a refund for you after we receive the item and confirm that it meets the return policy. The refund will be refunded to your original payment account. The average processing time for refunds is 3-10 business days.