We used to be a seller active on Amazon's major sites. However, the increasingly stricter policies of Amazon, the high platform cost(including logistics fees, storage fees, inventory fees, etc.) and VAT tax(20% in the UK, 19% in Germany, 21% in Spain, 20% in France and 22% in Italy), not only caused our price to be 100% of the original price, but also led us to withdraw from Amazon. Now we have left the Amazon platform and return the 50% of the cost attached to the product directly to the customer, not only to bring cheaper products to customers, but also to accumulate some original fans for our website. Although we have chosen to quit the Amazon platform for various reasons, we still have a sense of responsibility and mission to continue to bring quality services and products to our global customers. Therefore, now we recycle the inventory products of the sellers in Amazon and directly give them back to global customers, which can save resources, protect the environment, and exert the maximum value of the goods.
The mission of our company is to benefit customers first and then be mutually beneficial. We are committed to ensuring that every customer buys what they really need and enjoys their shopping time.


Now we promise to you:

1. The products sold are all from Amazon warehouse;
2. We provide you with the best service and the most satisfying shopping experience;
3. Simplify the purchase and payment process to make shopping as simple as possible;
4. Deliver goods to global customers in a fast and precise manner;
5. 24-hour customer support is available on weekdays.
Friendly Tip: If you question the source of the product, please do not buy it. If you want to know more about us, please check the FAQ.


The following is the overseas warehouse address of our recycled goods:

United Kingdom Site:

1.Amazon.co.uk Amazon Way Dunfermline
2.amazon.co.uk Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire
3.amazon.co.uk Ridgmont Bedfordshire
4.Ffordd Amazon Crymlyn Burrows Swansea
5.Amazon.co.uk 2 Cloch Road Faulds Park Gourock Inverclyde
6.Amazon.co.uk Phase Two, Kingston Park Flaxley Road Peterborough
7.Amazon.co.uk Firstpoint Business Park Balby Carr Bank Doncaster

Germany Site:

1.Amazon Distribution GmbH Amazonstrasse 1 04347 Leipzig
2.Amazon.de - Werne Wahrbrink 23 59368 Werne
3.Amazon Fulfillment Germany GmbH - DUS2 Amazonstrasse 1 47495 Rheinberg
4.Amazon Distribution Koblenz ,Amazonstrasse 1 Industriepark A61 ,Kobern-Gondorf, Rheinland - Pfalz 56330
5.WRO1 via: DHL Solution Fashion GmbH Am Wald 1 Oranienburg, Brandenburg 16515 DE

Spain Site:

1.Amazon.es Avenida de la Astronomia, 24 San Fernando de Henares Madrid 28830 Spain
2.ES FBA FLEX Avenida Rio Henares, 16 Alovera 19208 Spain
3.ES Norbert NS 3PL,Avenida Rio Henares, 16 ND Logistics Alovera 19208 Spain
4.Amazon Fulfillment Center Av. de les Garrigues num. 6-8 El Prat de LlobregatBarcelona 08820 Spain
5.Carrer de la VERNEDA 22 MARTORELLES Spain

France Site:

1.Pole 45 1401 Rue Du Champ Rouge 45772 SARAN CEDEX France
2.building 2,ZAC Les Portes de Provence,F-26200,Montelimar,France
3.1 rue Amazon,Sevrey,Saone-et-Loire,71100,Burgundy,France
4.Rue de la Plaine,59553,Lauwin-Planque,Nord-Pas-de-Calais,France
5.XPO Artenay NS 3PL ZAC du Moulin Artenay 45410 FR

Italy Site:

1.Amazon Italia Logistica S.r.l Strada Dogana Po,2U 29015Castel San Giovanni (PC),Italy
2.Via Aldo Moro 4,Francolino di Carpiano,20080 Italy
Am azon Fulfillm ent Center V ia della M eccanica snc 02032 Passo Corese RI